The Artist’s Colouring Book of ABCs

26 established international artists (including Paula Rego, Tracey Emin, Grayson Perry, Marc Quinn….) have been invited to design a drawing each representing one letter of the alphabet.

A playful and inspiring way to introduce children to their ABCs
and main figures of contemporary art as well as toying with the
symbol of transference of power from one generation to the next,
the artists handing over the tools of their craft to the younger
generation and allowing them the freedom to reinvent and create,
making each book a unique work of art.

In support of…

The original artworks were auctioned in December 2013 to the profit of
the wonderful Kids Company Charity (awarded the Liberty and
JUSTICE Human Rights Award in 2007) who provide support to vulnerable
inner-city children.

Size: 265 x 365 mm portrait
60 pages, 200gms. Paperback



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